Ballydangan Bo-Shambu

We are the home of the proven palomino gypsy cob stallion “Ballydangan Bo-Shambu” IMP IRE/AUS. Bo’s was imported to New Zealand last year and will have his first NZ babies being born late 2018. Bo is registered with the NZGCA and is 14hh.


“Merlin is by Bo, he is turning 4yo and is one of the best natured horses I have known. He is a huge 630kg Palomino gelding with the tenderness that is hard to describe. Merlin supports me in my Equine Assisted Therapy practice working with children, adolescents and adults with Autism and complex trauma. He is adorned by everyone, he is a real character being into everything and loving his butt scratches. I would recommend Bo as a sire if you are seeking a beautiful friend for life that loves being with you and supporting you with whatever you need.”


Bo is an awesome man. He has a great nature and also lovely conformation. Your more than welcome to come and meet him before signing a serving contract to him. We have had him broken in since being here and my 10 year old happily rides him around the place which shows his temperament.


We take outside mare’s, once receiving a signed contract and deposit, and have them on our property until they come on heat and are served until they go off heat. They can either stay here until there vet scan to confirm pregnancy or head home after serving for their scan by your local vet. There is also the option of them having a pg shot to bring them on heat if they are wanted back home.


        “I purchased Chevy (one of Bo’s son’s), purely on his temperament. He is a one in a million horse who is a gentle, kind soul. He prefers to spend time with me rather than other horses. Our partnership is constantly growing and I have recently gently started him which was the easiest task. A true Bo baby!”


We will look after your mare well while she is here as if she was one of our own – think of it as her home away from home. Your mare will have her own paddock, next to Bo so I can see them interacting and know the best time to start mating. Feel free to come and visit during her time here if you live local.


For those people further away, Bo is able to be collected and his semen sent to you for artificial insemination. I understand this can be costly so rather than charging the normal $950 stud fee, we will discount this fee to $800 to help toward your other costs. (e.g semen collection and semen freight).